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Suspended Four-Poster

Kiwinet’s flagship Suspended Four-Poster floats over ones bed to create a Four-Poster effect that is magically light, airy and spacious. This style does not require a four-poster bed as we supply a choice of either bamboo or timber frames which are easily suspended from your ceiling, no matter how high. The Suspended Four-Posters are available in Sleeve, Tie, Tab or Loop designs with a choice of three or four openings. Flat or Tented ceilings are a further option on these nets.

We have also perfected our unique Backless Suspended Four-Poster, which can accommodate a wall mounted head-board, artwork or wall lights.

Bed-side tables, fans, chandeliers or pendant lights can also be accommodated inside your net.


The more familiar and simple Hoopnets are available in 55 or 75 cm diameter  which suspend from a single point.  Traditional and Classic Range typically have a single opening with a generous overlap, whereas the Basic Range has no opening.


Our square net is an attractive adaption of our hoopnet, also hanging from a central point with has a 55 or 75 cm square frame.


Our camping nets incorporate a collapsible hoop and are supplied with a durable storage bag. They have no openings and can be treated with any approved repellent upon request.

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