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The Traditional Range is the Original Kiwinet design. This luxurious range offers the choice of pleats or pleatless drops and they have a deep cotton border on the base.


These are a slightly modified, more modest version of the Traditional Range. The drops are pleatless and have a narrow cotton border around the base.


These are the simplest and most economical design, with no pleating, nor openings and a narrow cotton border around the base. Our camping nets incorporate a collapsible hoop and are supplied with a durable storage bag.


These mosquito nets are designed, created and crafted specifically with your space and individual style in mind. For example, Backless, Ceiling mounted, Track Suspended or Attic nets to name a few.

Fitted Four-Poster

These beautiful nets are custom made according to your Four-Poster bed’s individual design and measurements. They are designed with three or four openings which allows for drawing all four drops to the corner posts during the day creating an elegant space. Send us a photo of your Four-Poster bed and we will accommodate any special features eg finials.

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