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Original, standard and customised mosquito nets designed for your unique needs

From Out of Africa diaphanous white netting that gently billows in the breeze to luxurious fabrics dip-dyed in shades and hues to match your mood or beaded and embellished to create your own stylish sleep sanctuary

If you can dream it . . . Kiwinet will make it.

The Kiwinet team is dedicated to delivering flawless nets that create elegance and add romance to any bedroom or outdoor living area. Beautifully styled and spacious, Kiwinet designs and crafts distinctive mosquito nets. From Hoopnets to Suspended Four-Posters, we can cover any bed. Kiwinet employs a team of local women and men who work cheerfully to the background rhythm of the radio. The constant snipping of scissors, hum of the sewing machines and swish of each net being hung and checked for imperfections while Kiwinets float on the line in the sun makes Kiwinet a vibrantly busy and yet calm place to visit.

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Kiwinet Mosquito Net


Kiwinet Mosquito Net



Our nets are traditionally white or ivory.
However, over time, Kiwinet has uniquely introduced
and perfected colourful hand-dyed mosquito nets.

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