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Functional as well as decorative
There is nothing quite as romantic as sleeping under a beautifully designed mosquito net. The most ordinary of bedrooms can be transformed by simply adding a Kiwinet.

Unique, decorative hand-worked detail on the openings or an inlay below the frame or hoop are optional embellishments to personalise your Kiwinet. For added functionality, your bedside tables, fan or chandelier can be accommodated inside the mosquito net.

Over time the fabric options have grown from the traditional white and ivory netting to include Kiwinet’s unique flax and charcoal netting as well as beautiful speciality linens.

Caring for your Kiwinet
Our nets are easy to clean and quick drying. Washing bags are available.

All nets are accompanied by simple installation instructions.

Our Classic Range is available in our on-line shop or alternatively please contact us for our current prices.

Kiwinet takes great pride in its reputation for producing innovative, custom-made nets to complement any existing interior décor style and will go to any lengths to ensure that our customers’ needs are not merely met but exceeded.

Our netting is available in a variety of options as follows: Standard Netting – 38gsm & Premium Netting – 70gsm. GMS refers to Grams per Square Meter (g/m2) of netting i.e. the weight of one square meter of fabric in grams. NOTE: A lighter gsm will generally not last as long or be as strong over time compared to a heavier gsm.

Pop Bags

As an environmentally conscious company, we are committed to doing our best to protect the Earth. As a result, we are finding ways to UPCYCLE our mosquito netting and other fabric offcuts to minimize landfill. One of the products is our Pop Bags . . . by using them you will be assisting in reducing SINGLE USE PLASTIC!

These can be used for:

– Buying loose fruit and veggies
– Lingerie bags
– Travelling shoe bags
– Gift bags
 . . . . . Get creative!

As the entire bag is made from our mozzie net off-cuts, there are no material costs – only labour. Thank you for supporting and buying into our initiative, in more ways than one, as we are proud to be part of growing the Awareness of Waste.

Kiwinet Dimensions

* all measurements in mm

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