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Our mosquito nets are available for all standard beds sizes, from Cots to Kings, in the Ranges below or can be customised if required.

Kiwinet takes great pride in its reputation for producing innovative, custom-made nets to complement any existing interior décor style and will go to any lengths to ensure that our customers’ needs are not merely met but exceeded.

Traditional Suspended Four-Poster

Traditional Sleeve Suspended

Traditional Tie Suspended

Traditional Tab Suspended

Traditional Hoopnet

Kiwinet Mosquito Net

Traditional Hoopnet

Kiwinet Mosquito Net


These are a slightly modified, more modest version of the Traditional Range. The drops are pleatless and have a narrow cotton border around the base.

Classic Loop Suspended

Kiwinet Mosquito Net

Classic Hoopnet

Traditional Cot

Kiwinet Mosquito Net

Classic Cot