Evening Breeze

Kiwinet is always striving to refine its unique, original designs and to improve and expand the products and service offered to its customers.

So, when our owner, Robyn Lavender, met the founder of a Netherlands-based company which was developing a concept of eco-sensitive air conditioning systems for hotels in tropical regions, we sensed that a wonderful synergy was about to happen.

It has happened. Kiwinet and Evening Breeze have been collaborating and through an extensive development process, have created a combined system that ensures that the mosquito net and climate control complement each other effectively. The seamless fit between an Evening Breeze ventilation system and a bespoke Kiwinet is an exciting product that will revolutionise sleeping comfort for many of our customers.

Evening Breeze’s ventilation systems fit within our Suspended and Fitted Four-Poster nets to provide a comfortable sleeping experience which is both cool and protected from mosquitoes and other undesirable bugs. Clients have indicated that they love the combination of our elegant, bespoke nets with the additional comfort of air temperature control of the Evening Breeze system, keeping them both cool and comfortable as they sleep.

The result of this perfect-fit collaboration between Kiwinet and Evening Breeze can be seen and experienced at Zarafa Camp, situated in the Selinda Reserve in Botswana. Each of Zarafa’s luxury and open-air tents stands on the edge of the forest, overlooking the shores of the vast floodplains.

The camp was designed to be as environmentally sensitive as possible and is one of only a few in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy. With temperatures soaring up to 35 degrees C and high relative humidity, it became a necessity to provide guests with some sort of energy-efficient active cooling, especially during the night.

Enter Kiwinet and Evening Breeze… and the creation of a sleeping experience rarely found in the heat of the African bush.

Guests of Zarafa Camp now sleep in luxury tents – deep in the heart of nature – in comfort and with a clear eco-conscience.

We believe that Zarafa is just the first of many lodges and hotels which will choose to provide the unique Evening Breeze Kiwinet sleeping experience to guests.